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Artifact Donation

It is your story, Issaquah's story, that Issaquah History Museums are preserving. One of the best ways to tell that story is through the objects, photos, letters, and journals that Issaquah's story-makers have left as their legacy. It is the mission of Issaquah History Museums  to preserve these items, provide researchers access to them, and display them as appropriate to share Issaquah's story. By helping to share this story, you are strengthening our community's roots, and building a common foundation that will delight and inform generations to come.

Do you have artifacts to donate?

Please click the button to fill out the simple online form below, and we will be in touch. If you do not wish to fill out on the online form, you may contact us and our office will be in touch with you to discuss other options. 

Get Involved Today!

You don’t have to be a board member to contribute time to the Issaquah History Museums. We encourage community members to serve on our committees, groups and task forces. Contact us today to get in touch if you’d like to get involved with the IHM

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