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History Kit

The Issaquah History Museums’ comprehensive History Kit is designed to help primary school teachers meet the Issaquah School District’s social studies curriculum standards. Thirty lesson-plan ideas with games, photographs, videos, digital presentations, and hands-on items make integrating history into the classroom both fun and memorable. What a great way to help kids get their hands on history! The History Kit includes an Activity Guide, a slideshow, videos, photographs, hands-on artifacts, and other resources. The Activity Guide describes thirty activities covering geography, history concepts, Native Americans, early settlers, and community life in historic Issaquah. Culminating activities give students an opportunity to demonstrate an accurate knowledge of the information presented and exhibit an awareness of the relationship between people, environment, and culture.


The current version of the History Kit constitutes a significant expansion and update to previous Issaquah history units. The first history unit was compiled by Joe Peterson in 1979. It was updated in 1987, updated again in 1995, revised in 1998, revised and expanded in 2002, and updated again in 2009. The 2002 and 2009 revisions were made possible through grants from 4Culture. The new History Kit was designed align with and complement curriculum requirements, and it reflects input from historians and educators, including local third-grade teachers. It is uniquely suited to support Issaquah teachers in meeting curriculum requirements in a way that is memorable and enjoyable for educators and students alike.

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