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Celebrating Your Voice: Membership Vote Results are In!

Dear IHM Members,

The thrill of democracy is in the air, and we're excited to share the results of our recent membership vote with you! Your active participation has been truly heartening, and we're pleased to announce that we've not only met but surpassed the required quorum according to Washington State law.

Quorum Achieved: Your Voices Heard

In accordance with Washington State law, we needed at least 10% of our members to cast their votes for the results to be valid. We're happy to report that 15 of our 52 members made their voices heard, exceeding the required threshold. We extend our sincere gratitude to each member who took the time to participate.

Bylaw Update Success: Your Majority Counts

The purpose of this vote was to determine the adoption of new bylaws for IHM. Under our current bylaws, a simple majority was required for the proposed changes to be accepted. The final tally speaks volumes:

  • Votes in Favor: 14

  • Votes Against: 1

  • Abstentions: 0

With an overwhelming majority supporting the proposed changes, we are thrilled to announce that the new bylaws have been officially adopted! This marks a significant milestone for our society, brings us into compliance with the new Washington State Nonprofit Membership Act, and we're excited about the positive impact these changes will bring.

What's Next?

Now that the new bylaws are in place, we're eager to see how they enhance and shape the future of IHM. We'll be working diligently to implement these changes smoothly and ensure a seamless transition.

Your active participation has been crucial in making this process a success, and we're looking forward to more opportunities for collaboration and engagement in the future.

Thank you once again for your dedication to IHM. Your voice is what makes our community vibrant, dynamic, and truly special.

Warm regards,

Emily Lee, Secretary

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