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Trolley Report

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

COVID and costs shut the trolley down. Can it roll again?

She sits in her barn, passing the seasons since she last rolled down the tracks, a mobile history classroom full of young hearts and eager minds.

The 519 trolley in the storage barn
Bright and shiny and ready to roll. Volunteers have kept the 519 in top shape while its future is being decided.

It was a business decision. The cost of insurance had soared and the pandemic kept both riders and the volunteers away. It just didn't pencil out anymore.

Now, at the direction of the IHM Board, we are sharpening those pencils and taking a hard look at the feasibility of restarting the trolley program. We're asking ourselves "why run the trolley at all?" and "how does it align with the IHM mission to 'discover, preserve, and share' Issaquah's history?" Insurance has only gotten more expensive and we are just starting to understand the scope of necessary repairs to the tracks.

All of these matters and many more are being studied as part of a feasibility study to assess whether a restarted trolley program can sustain itself and regain its place as a top platform to bring Issaquah history forward to today and connect us to this place we call home.

You can learn more about the trolley's status at our open house on Thursday, Nov. 16th from 7:00 - 8:30 PM at the Depot (more on the Open House coming soon). Come offer your comments. IHM staff and Board members want to hear from the community.

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Paul here--the date of the open house has been changed to Thursday, Nov. 16th (the post has been updated to reflect this). From 7:00 - 8:30 PM. More information will be coming out soon.

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